Check Your Mailbox and Update Your Property Record Card

Reappraisal 2025 is just around the corner, and here at Buncombe County Property Assessment we want to make sure property owners are aware of the information our office has listed for your property.

In the coming weeks, residential property owners in Buncombe County who did not reply to our mailing last year or have not provided information about improvements will be mailed a property record card. This card outlines the information we have on file for your property. Please take the time to review your information and let us know if it is incorrect.

In the current column on the left, you can see the information we have on file. If any of this this information is incorrect, you can fill out the updated column (on the right). Use the additional comments section to include any other relevant notes like replacing a roof or HVAC system. Once your card is complete, you can tear it off at the perforation and return it to us in the mail. We also want to know if your information is correct; write that on the card and return to us or note that on the website if you are submitting your information electronically.


Interested in seeing this information online? Visit to review and update your information using our new website.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for your property by using your address, name, pin, or property tax bill number. Or simply scan the QR code on your mailer to be taken directly your digital property card and make your changes there. Bookmark this website as your homeowner’s toolkit. In addition to providing information about your property, you may also use it to file an appeal, access GIS mapping, check comparable sales, apply for property tax relief, and more.

Written by Buncombe County.