The Dancing Pitcher w/ Sarah Wells Rolland: 2 Hr. Video Demonstration Workshop

Sun, Aug 2
The Village Potters Clay Center

This form has been a signature piece in Sarah’s body of work for years. The award winning Dancing Pitcher celebrates gracefulness, soft lines, and movement. The process making this unique form is inspiring and challenging.

This workshop is designed to push our limits as potters and push the limits of clay. We will cover many techniques. The goal is to stretch our thinking when making and designing pots. Creating designs where the flow of line and space are key. The making of this sectional graceful pot is perfect for discussion about design and training our eye to see.

We will cover:

  1. Throwing w/excellence
  2. Throwing in Sections
  3. Throwing with larger volumes of clay
  4. Darting
  5. Fluid Handles
  6. Pulling a large handle off the pot
  7. How to glaze this 24″ tall form and not ruin it
  8. Art that functions and why it matters

I will have several Pitchers in the different stages so we can all see this pot made to completion in the set 2 hours.

Hang on to you potters stool because you are in for a beautiful ride!

The video workshop is available for 30 days after purchase.